Saturday, October 4, 2014

Be Our Guest

Recently my cousin Amanda came to visit from Buffalo and in the next couple weekends we are going to have more guest from out of town.  We usually have guests coming to our home every couple of months since both myself and my fiance are from out of state.  So I thought it would be a great post to share some of the little things I do to make sure that our guests feel welcome.  Our guest room isn't completely done (lacking some curtains and maybe a little table or luggage stand) but I thought it was well enough along to share.

One of my favorite things to do is have a frame on the nightstand that I change out with pictures depending on the guests.  I try to find pictures of a great time that we had with our guests or for my grandma I like to find older pictures of her and I, it always begins a reminiscing story.  Its kind of hard to see in the picture but the frame behind it was our house warming card from my grandma, it's a watercolor painting she did of our house.

A little DIY project I did not to long ago (pre-blogging) was the three canvas paintings.  With a little painters tape, acrylic paints, and canvases you can make some great, budget friendly art work for any place in your home.  I was needing something to spruce up the guest room walls and thought they would work perfect.  

Always stock the bed with a lot of pillows, our guests can always take some off the bed but I want to make sure that they have enough.  Of course, after each guest we wash the pillows, sheets and blankets and sometimes again before the come since our cat thinks its her room when we don't have guests.

Depending on how long the guests are staying I put together a little set of essentials, the channel guide (cause its different in each state / cable provider), the remote, a nice scented candle, and a basket of some toiletries.  Each time I'm in a hotel or have a chance at free samples I snag them! They make great use for guests and after a while of collecting you build up a great variety. 

Finally, a great idea (that I of course found on Pinterest) is a nice framed print of the Wi-Fi password! Sometimes if you haven't made your password a cute phrase or word (as we clearly haven't) its hard to tell or show your guests.  By printing it out clearly it helps them get connected quicker and makes for cute guest room decor.  
You can find this one in my Wamp Designs Shop HERE.

I hope you found some of my tips useful.  What do you equip your guest room with?