Thursday, November 5, 2015

Sneak Peaks

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There have been a few things in the works in my life lately that are BIG .. to me at least.  Since it is going to be quite a while before I can share them with you I wanted to give you some sneak peaks.

First up ... The Richard family is undergoing it's first RENOVATION and I'm talking a complete gut job!  We are remodeling our guest bathroom! When we first bought the home it was the only room that really needed some work and after three years, it's finally getting it!  Now when I say the Richard family ... I mean it ... Mike's Dad is doing all the work! We are so grateful he is helping us with this project.  

Before I show you some action pictures ... Let me share with you what we were working with before:

wamp designs - bathroom remodel

I like to refer to the "decorative" tile as Barney Rubble tile ... something from the stone age!

wamp designs - bathroom remodel

With a non-matching blue floor

wamp designs - bathroom remodel

Oh and my two favorite features ... A Textured Wall and Office Lighting :)

Now for some much better images .... Demolition! 

wamp designs - bathroom remodel

wamp designs - bathroom remodel

I have been learning quite a lot along the way though.  I have taken many of trips to the tile store, sketched out tile placement, and coordinated an over all look for the bathroom.  I believe though it will all be worth it in the end ... and I've been having quite a bit of fun with it.

wamp designs - bathroom remodel

By the way Floor and Decor is the place to be.  After checking out quite a few places they had the best quality for the best price with the most knowledgeable people.

wamp designs - bathroom remodel

I HATE math so this was my least favorite task thus far but when it was done I felt quite accomplished.

wamp designs - bathroom remodel

Now this is the biggest Sneak Peak of them all .. This here is the overall look of the new bathroom!

That's all I am sharing right now though ... once the bathroom is finished I will give a full tour! 


Next Up ... I wanted to give you a sneak peak into some travel plans we have coming up!

One of my favorite things to share is the trips that Mike and I go on.  We are very blessed that we get to go on so many and that is because of Mike's hard work.  This year Mike placed number 15 in his entire company ... and this company is Nation Wide!  Out of 5,000 agents, he was 15th!!

As a reward we are going to Cabo!! 

wamp designs travel - cabo

We have never been so I am super excited.  Mike is most excited because he has golf plans ... twice!  And while I have some spa reservations I am looking forward to exploring a new place, eating some good food and relaxing with my husband! {ahhhh ... first time I've typed that!}

Speaking of husband .. we also still have our honeymoon to go on!  While that trip is a little further out we have been planning!  We will be going to four places while we are in Italy:

wamp designs travel - amalfi coast

Amalfi Coast

wamp designs travel - florence


wamp designs travel - rome


wamp designs travel - venice


You can look forward to four separate posts for this trip .. one for each location.  Which I'm sure still will not do it justice! 


The final sneak peak isn't really a peak .. rather, something I have been putting a lot of creative thought into.  I have decided on something and the sneak peak is letting you in on my decision.  

I have been mulling back and forth between whether to stay as a Blogspot Blogger or jump on the WordPress band wagon.  After much deliberation I have decided to take the WordPress plunge.  After all you should practice what you preach right? I have created quite a bit of WordPress websites for clients ... shouldn't my site be one as well?

While this will take some time to completely configure, I think it will help take me to the next level while combining my Etsy Shop, Design Services and Blog all into one.  I also hope this will make my brand more cohesive and that my readers can see the whole ball of wax! 

So stay tuned for the reveal! 

That is all the sneak peaks I have for you now ... but they are doosies! 
I can't wait to share the final pieces with you!

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