Friday, October 16, 2015

Boo Mix

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While my mind is dreaming up everything Thanksgiving and fall, we are not quite there yet.  So I thought I'd get into the holiday spirit ... a little bit.  When I think of Halloween I think treats!  However I want something more than just a bag of assorted chocolate bars, I wanted something that kids could give their friends or teachers, something that you could give co-workers in the office or something for yourself to just snack on!

As I was wasting hours away on Pinterest I came across this fun idea! Its just cute enough that kids get it but not so cutesy that adults can get on board as well!

So I decided to make my own little spin on it ... BOO MIX!!

You'll only need four ingredients:

Golden Grahams
Mini Marshmallows
Candy Corn
Chocolate Chips 

You'll also need a large bowl and some individual bags.

{I used clear plastic bags from Michaels because I had some 
left over but I think little zip lock bags work just fine} 

Boo Mix By Wamp Designs

Basically what your going to make is a little chex mix type treat.  The fun part is though what each ingredient represents! 

Boo Mix By Wamp Designs

Now here is where my culinary skills are going to shine ... careful, you might think your on a foodie blog!

To start, put the Candy Corn in the bowl.

Boo Mix By Wamp Designs

Then add the Mini Marshmallows

Boo Mix By Wamp Designs

Then the Chocolate Chips

Boo Mix By Wamp Designs

And finally the Golden Grahams

Boo Mix By Wamp Designs

As far as measurements go ... eyeball it to make sure you have an even amount off all ingredients.  I mixed mine by hand, but if your germ conscious then use a wooden spoon.

Then I scooped the mix into the bags.

Boo Mix By Wamp Designs

Folded down the bag and stapled it shut. Wheww .. some hard work there.

Boo Mix By Wamp Designs

Now, in order for the fun-ness of this to get across to it's recipients we need to make sure they know what is in the delicious treat they just got!

Cue some Halloweeny Labels - And of course you can download them free!

Boo Mix By Wamp Designs - Free Labels

There you have it .. one of he easiest things I have done in a long time and they are just so cute!

Boo Mix By Wamp Designs - Free Labels

Trick or Treat

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  1. Such a cute idea! And the labels you made are adorable. Are you planning to hand these out at the door for Trick-or-Treaters? I think it could be a really cute class treat for a Halloween Party or an extra special snack in a lunch box!