Tuesday, October 6, 2015


creating a wedding

It is officially done, the wedding I have been planning for a year an a half has come and went.  I must say it was the perfect two days {yes I am counting Friday as part of my wedding too} if I could go back and do it over again .... I wouldn't change a thing! I am truly blessed to be able to say that.

Of course I plan to go into detail about the entire event however I have decided to wait until I get my pictures from my photographer to do that ... I feel its the only way to really show you how amazing it was.  In the meantime - I don't want to leave you hanging so I will share with you what I am calling 


We {like many weddings now-a-days} decided to come up with a hashtag so all our guests that shared pictures on Social Media could use it and it would be easy for us to find.  Below are pictures that are directly from that hashtag. In no particular order.

{Grandma Sweeney and I getting down on the dance floor}

{ Mike and I's First Dance - Lets Stay Together }

{ Mr. and Mrs. Richard }

{ Table 10 - Our Fantasy Football Group Text was filled with these gems }

{ My girls getting ready! Brandy, Laura, and Courtney }

{ Girls @ Dinner - Brandy, Laura, Katie }

{ The Other End - Courtney, Marie, Me, Mike, Mark }

{ Jason, Chelsea, and Dan - I love the background though, that is my younger brother Logan who was so emotional the entire day - so sweet }

{ Me, Mike, Talia, and Fulgenzi }

{ Mr. and Mrs. Richard with Mr. and Mrs. Olsen - these two got married Wednesday of that week on a cruise, docked Saturday morning and still came to celebrate with us! }

{ The Guys - Mike looks like he taking some DEEP breaths }

{ The traditional Patron shot before any major festivities }

{ You May Kiss The Bride }

{ Love that Sarah shared this ... Our Fan Programs }

{ The Best Maid Of Honor any Bride could ask for }

{My Favorite <3 }

{ My Mother-In-Law and Sisters-In-Law }

{ Such a sweet moment between brothers }

{ My Dad walking me down the aisle }

{ Mike Singing To Me - All Of You by John Legend }

{ These are the beautiful significant others of Mikes boys - The first ladies of Hillside }

{ Kisses }

{ Photobooth Fun }

{ Sharp Looking Groomsmen }

{ Mike's Friend from Michigan - so happy they could be with us on our special day}

Our Photographer { Alisa Sue Photography } did share one sneak peak that I of course love.  She does an amazing job with her photos and on top of that she is so much fun.  She makes you feel comfortable, jokes around with you and you can tell she really loves what she does and it shows in her work. If you are in the Sarasota area I HIGHLY recommend her.

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