Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Fun Bridesmaid Shirts

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If you have had or been a bridesmaid in a wedding, chances are you have worn one of these cute tank tops ... 

bridesmaid tank tops

I know I have 

bridesmaid tank tops

bridesmaid tank tops
Ha Ha ... That's Marie's mom taking a shot of Patron before the Ceremony - its the only picture I could find where you could read my shirt ;)

So when it came time for me to make my girls some cute shirts I wanted to do something different.  I have seen these awesome T-Shirts all over Pinterest and thought it would be a great idea to make them for my girls and use quotes that reminded me of them.

grey quote t-shirt  grey quote t-shirt

First I searched for just the right quote for each one of them and pinned them to my Secret Wedding Board {side note: if you are a bride I highly recommend the secret wedding board for ideas you don't want people to steal or gifts you don't want people to know about} 

I wanted to maintain the slouchy grey shirt look - I purchased mine at Forever 21 in the basics section.  I got grey for the girls and white for me.

Next I went to Michael's Craft Store and got printable iron on transfers.  Now here is where I had to change my game plan - I wanted to just have the letters but come to find out there is no "transparent background" iron ons.  Then I was like "well maybe i'll cut out all the letter individually" but with seven girls and some long quotes I would still be making them after the wedding.  So I went with the ransom letter look.

printable iron on transfers

printable iron on transfers

This was the first time I used printable iron on transfers and they were quite easy to work with.  I simply printed what I wanted, cut it out accordingly, peeled off the back {didn't do that on the first one and the iron let me know about it}, placed a piece of wax paper over top and held the iron on for a short minute.

printable iron on transfersprintable iron on transfers

I put the bridesmaid on the lower right hand side of the back 

printable iron on transfers

The girls loved them! Here we are getting ready to head out to my Bachelorette Glamping Weekend.  I did actually cut mine out by hand since it was only one word ... however it still took me about 15 minutes to do so 

These were some from the girls that couldn't make it.

my bridesmaid cute quote shirtsmy bridesmaid cute quote shirts

So those are my fun bridesmaid shirts ... hopefully it gave you some inspirations for something cute for your girls or maybe just for some fun shirts.

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