Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Life Lately

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A couple weekends ago I got to hang out with this little fella at the beach ... such a good kid and loved the sea shells!  {P.S. This is Marie's sweet little boy}

Landon at the Beach

Play time didn't last two long cause I have been working on project after project lately.  My parent's have decided to do a major remodel of their home and in the process my mom has unearthed 
She has enlisted my help to go through them all, put them in some kind of order and then load them up in a bunch of picture boxes {because there is WAY to many to do albums}

I'm still in the middle of this project and Wamp isn't much help :/

Wamp Not Helping With Pictures

I have also been helping my sister-in-law-to-be with some pieces of furniture that I pulled out of the Hoarder Pile.  We have sanded and painted and recovered and we are almost done!  We get together every Monday to watch the Bachelorette {p.s. if you watch the bachelorette check out this blog - she does HILARIOUS recaps of it} so this has been an every Monday project in the making.

Painting Furniture

Speaking of Bachelorette - last weekend was my Bachelorette Glamping Weekend {which I will post about separately} but we had some Chinese food a couple days before and this was my fortune! 

My Fortune

Moving on to the 4th of July weekend ... Mike and I went fishing {which coincidentally we did last year as well so I think we should make it a little tradition} fishing was actually our first date :)

When we fish we bet - First, Biggest, and Most 
{FYI - Chelsea if you're reading this, I think the Eidels still owe us a dinner from our fishing date ;)}

On our first date ... I won and he had to cook me dinner, which looking back now may have been on purpose to secure the second date ... hmmm

But on this day .. he won .. ALL OF THEM 

Mikes First FishMike FishingMikes Biggest Fish

Even though I had to give a 10 minute back rub for each bet ... it was worth it for a fun day with my love.

Mike and I Fishing

After fishing we had a family BBQ with both of our families ... we had SO much food.

Burgers - Chicken - Hot Dogs - Mac & Cheese - Baked Beans - Watermelon - Oranges - Chips and Dip ... YUM!

Watermelon and MintHamburgers

We also had a family game of P-I-G ... Mike's sister Brittany won :) 

Family Game of P-I-G
From Left to Right: Me, Mike, My Brother Luke, Mike's Sister Brittany, My Mom and Dad - Mike's Mom Played Too

That is what my life has been like lately ... oh and Wamp ... well she is always around - We ate lunch together the other day :)  She was eyeballing my tuna sandwich.

Lunch With Wamp

Jessica Signature

Wamp Designs Etsy Shop

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