Thursday, September 25, 2014

Industrial Style Baskets

I have been on the look out for some industrial style wire baskets to use in my closet for some time now.  I have seen them a few different places but they either weren't the right size or the right price.  Much to my excitement I came across the perfect size wire baskets with the best price I've seen.  One problem .... They were shocking blue.  Luckily I remembered my handy friend Rust-Oleum "Oil Rubbed Bronze" Spray Paint.  This trusty  spray paint has created many a beautiful things in my home as well as saved me money and sanity always looking for that "perfect" piece.  Why not create it?


I found these at the Dollar General Store for $5 even better, that day everything with a little red dot was on additional clearance and I walked away with four baskets for $3.50 each.  Add in the cost of the spray paint, each basket cost me roughly $5.  I mean you just can't beat that!

It was a beautiful day so I set up shop outside and began to spray paint.  Make sure that when you are spraying these types of baskets you look at it from all angles.  With the original color being so bright it was easy for me to spot the areas that needed more paint.

So for $20 and about 20 min worth of work I now have great Industrial Style Baskets to help organize my closet.  For drying time sake I leave you with one of finished products below.  I plan to use them for scarves, clutches, belts, and other accessories.  

What would you use yours for? 

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