Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Jumpin' In With Both Feet

I've decided recently that I'm a thinker and a dreamer, which is great because the things I love most in life have to do with my creative side.  However what I need to work on is being a doer, because as much as I love to think about things I'd like to do and dream about how I'd like things to look it does no good until I do them.  Cue: Wamp Designs.

My name is Jessica Sweeney and I love all things creative, from home decor, to DIY projects, to holiday and party decor.  I've spent the past couple of years creating things for my home, family and friends and often get told that I should start a blog or an Etsy shop.  So I have taken the plunge and decided to DO both!

THE BLOG: I'm not new to blogging, I dabbled a little in it a few years ago with a blog that - will remain nameless - for embarrassment sake and have read tons of blogs that I've found through your best friend and mine, Pinterest.  So I hope the learning curve to bring me up to date isn't too steep.  I want to share all the fun things that I create and think this is a great platform to do so.

THE SHOP: Etsy is quite a new idea to me but I have been working at it diligently.  My shop (Wamp Designs) focuses mainly on custom printables: Invitations, Holiday Decor, Party Decor, etc. I have had the great pleasure of having close friends that look to me for help when it comes to Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Birthday Parties and so on.  So I figure if I can DO it for them I can DO it for anyone.

THE NAME: Wamp ... W - (ah) - MP .. What the heck is that right? Well the idea behind Wamp Designs (the blog and the shop) is to share beautiful things, so I went straight to the source of my most beautiful thing.

Please excuse the remote from an otherwise adorable picture.  Her real name is Lola but a nickname of Kitty Wampas turned Wampy turned to just plain Wamp stuck and hasn't left her since.  She is greatly loved by all, even the ones that get the sniffles around her so I thought the name would be fitting.  After all who wouldn't want their work to be beautiful and loved by all? 

So as I decided this morning that I am not longer going to think or dream about this blog that I'm actually going to DO it, I have competed my first post.  I feel quite accomplished! Next thing on my To DO list ... create a cute signature for these post.


Side Note: As you can see I have some previous posts on this site, I had secured the name a little while ago thinking I would use it as a living portfolio for my graphic design work, however decided to take a different route but thought it couldn't hurt just to leave a few things up ... so I did :) 

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