Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Paddle Boarding

My cousin Amanda came down from Buffalo this past weekend to go wedding dress shopping with me and some of my other bridesmaids .. and I did say YES to a dress!! However when she comes to town I like to plan something a little different for us to try together.  We have stories upon stories of all the things that we have experienced together so I wanted to add one more especially as life is getting more hectic by the second.

I found a deal on Amazon Local (which I love so much more that Groupon or any other sites, its just seems easier and more informative ... so a shout out to them!!) for Paddle Boarding.  Down here in Sarasota its really popular and it was only $19 per person for two hours.  We invited some other friends ... Chelsea (another bridesmaid) her husband Dan and their sister Diana to come along too.

It was a beautiful morning, we took the 9am time slot because anything after 11 out in the Florida sun and we'd be toast.  The water was calm and there was a breeze, I was really happy because the weather during her visit so far (and even after) had been miserable ... rain rain rain.  It was a little nerve wreaking at first, you have to get used to balancing and rowing at the same time but after about 5 minutes I think we had it down.  I'm not going to lie though, sitting on it was a lot easier and you could go faster, but that defeated the purpose.   
Overall she said it was a lot calmer experience than some of our other adventures but something we both had fun with.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has been thinking about giving it a try or is looking for some fun new things to try.

Have you tried any new adventures lately?

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