Monday, April 6, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up - Steak, Flowers and Easter

Weekend Wrap Up

I did better this weekend and took more pictures! 

Thursday was Mike and I's one year anniversary of being engaged and we didn't even remember until we were going to bed! Luckily we already had dinner plans for Friday night to go to Flemmings.  Of course Mike took pictures of the food for us :)

Mike and I before dinner

Flemmings Crab Cakes
Crab Cake Appetizer

My Petite Filet and Scalloped Potatoes

Mike's Steak
Mike's Ribeye

Overall the meal was ok, but I don't think it will be one of the places we like to go.  We've had a lot better food other places for a lot less money.

Saturday I caught up on a lot of housekeeping ... I had neglected doing it all week :/
When I finished my chores I went shopping for Easter dresses and plants with my Sister-In-Law to be, Nicole.  {you'll see our dresses a little later in the post}

I decided it was finally time to replace this potted plant by the front door.

Poinsettia Plant
Yes, I know its a Poinsettia Plant in April ... Don't Judge :) 

We replaced it with this arrangement that we came up with all on our own! I was so proud.

New Flower Pot Arrangement
White Begonia's in the middle, Purple Potato Vine, and
some curly plant the sign just said Corkscrew Annual.

Then we moved around to the backyard and I refreshed the pots on the deck with these pretty red flowers. If you look closely you can see a cute little kitten cat in the window. 

Back Deck Potted Plant

I also refreshed the herb garden with some new plants.

Refreshed Herb Garden

1. Sweet Basil 
2. Culantro*
3. Chocolate Mint
4. Jalapeno Plant
5. Rosemary

Yes, Culantro ... its a heartier, more robust, stronger form of Cilantro.  They were also out of Cilantro at the store so I thought I'd try it out.

While I was at it with all the planting I got some succulent plants to put on my desk.  I'm not very good at keeping indoor plants alive and succulents are almost death proof.

Indoor Succulent Plant

Oh and I've also been wanting a nice bird bath for the front yard, a strong one, made of concrete or stone so that it can stand up to the weather and rain.  My mom has a beautiful one and I always threaten to steal it! Well my Dad found the exact same one at Home Depot and surprised me with it!

New Concrete Bird Bath

Also on Saturday ... in keeping with all the plants ... my little brother Luke {who works at a Flower Shop} brought me this :) 

Easter Bunny Flowers

How cute is that???? Sometimes if they can't deliver the flower's and its a weekend they get to keep them since they will most likely die before they can try and deliver them again.

On Sunday my brothers and Mike's sister Nichole went with us to Easter Service.

Mike, Logan, Me, Nicole, Luke at Easter Service

Oh, and these were Nichole and I's Easter Dresses that we got from Ross.  

Nicole and I's Easter Dresses

After church Nichole and I went and brought Easter flowers to my parents and grandparents.  Then we met up with Mike's family at Olive Garden for Easter Dinner.

Mike and I at Easter

I also received this picture from my family up in Buffalo at their Easter Meal ... I so wish I could have been there with all of them ... don't they look like a fun bunch?

Easter Dinner In Buffalo

Over all we had such a fun family weekend! How was your Easter Weekend? 

Jessica Signature

Oh and just in case you were wondering what wamp did this weekend ... she was key in supervising all plantings that went on.

Wamp Supervising The Planting

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