Monday, April 27, 2015

A Little Bit Of Everything - And Some New Things

Just before I left on our trip last week I was contemplating changing things up a bit on the blog.  I didn't want to get too stagnant and have the same types of posts on the same days to where it becomes mundane.  I also realized that my weekends aren't always the most exciting to post about them every Monday.  So I am going to do away with the "Weekend Wrap Up" and do something called "Life Lately" which I got from the Mix and Match Mama Blog.  This way I can still post about what is going on in my life but it can be at any given time about any given time. 

I also want to start doing more posts honing down on my niche ... Designing.  Designing a life, a home, a marriage, a career, friendships and much much more.  I want to start sharing more about what I do to make these things in my life what they are. 

With this impending change I decided not to blog last week and actually take time off on our vacation. {I'll still do a Vacation Wrap Up} So this post is going to tie up the loose ends from last week and get ready for some great changes! 


31 {Fri}day Blog Challenge Number 13 - Favorite Quote

31 {Fri}day Blog Challenge

Albert Einstein Quote

I used to work in Merchant Services {credit card processing} and I helped in training and customer service.  If you have ever learned how credit cards work on the back end, it can be quite confusing not to mention adding on different types of software and transaction flows.  I loved it, I enjoyed learning the process of everything and problem solving when there were issues.  I didn't love it as much as I love creating things {which is why I didn't stay in that field} but it was while I was working in Merchant Services that I came across this quote and it really resonated with me.

It is one of the truest quotes that I have ever come across.  I'm a sucker for a good quote but you know the more you read them the more they start contradicting each other. None-the-less I believe this one is true.  Have you ever tried to explain something that you didn't know very well? 

I love to realize that I have just explained something to someone simply because that means I know that subject quite well and I feel a sense of accomplishment.

One other quote that I like, I put on the bottom of my daily to do list as a little bit of daily encouragement to work smarter not harder. 

If you dont have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?

For more quotes that I like check out my Pinterest Borad - Quotes.


I also finished my April book on the plane rides this week keeping right on track with my resolution.  I'm quite proud of myself for staying on top of this and we are close to half way through the year. 

The Husbands Secret Book

This was a great book, I was really looking forward to reading a fun fiction book.  A lot of the books that I have been reading this year really make you think so it was nice to just read for fun this month.  In fact I might just do the same thing this next month!

This book is a lot like the movies "He's Not That Into You" or "Valentines Day" where there is a couple different story lines going and eventually they all intertwine with each other.  Each story line is intriguing and there are a few points where you have ah-ha moments when certain things are revealed.  I would pay close attention to the character's names early on and it will help you keep all the story lines straight.

Over all I give this book a 9.  It was a fun read for sure.


Friday's Favorite

I know it's Monday but I thought I would still give you my favorite thing from last week! 

YouTube Videos teaching you how to french braid your own hair!

My hair is getting unbearably long, I've been growing it out for the wedding and I'm over it to be honest, I can't wait until I can cut it!  I've been looking for different things to do to it besides down and straight and ponytail ... because ... well that is the extent of my hair styling skills.

So I sat down last week and watched YouTube Videos until I learned how to french braid my own hair.  It only took about 45 minutes! All the videos were quite helpful.  Once I figured out how to braid over rather than under I got it pretty quickly.

First Attempt At French Braiding
This was one of my first attempts that actually stayed

Eigth Attempt At French Braiding
This was after about 8 tries

Mastered French Braiding
And this was me actually wearing it in the Bahamas

Well that's about all I have to catch up on right now ... I'll be posting about our vacation this week and working on some great DIY projects this weekend to share with you guys!

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