Friday, April 3, 2015

31 {Fri}day Blog Challenge - First Celebrity Crush

Ahhh ... its good to be back to my routine! Last Thursday I left for Buffalo and balanced working, baby shower planning, errand running, family gathering and painting {all to come in next week's posts} which left me up til almost midnight and back at it around 6:45am through Monday {when I flew home, finally getting into my bed at 12:30am} I loved every second of it but this week was a struggle.  I woke up on Tuesday with a headache I'd had for 3 days and an overall feeling of yuk, I had to squeeze in grocery shopping after work on Wednesday {our fridge was bare!!} and then woke up Thursday with a rash on my face as well as having to start my new Invisalign trays {which is guaranteed sore mouth for at least two days} ... Basically I was a mess this week, but I'm slowly coming around and catching up and plan to be back in tip top shape come Monday. 

So to sum it all up ... I didn't get to Monday's or Wednesday's blog posts. :( 

31 {fri}day blog challenge

We are on Number 10 ... My first celebrity crush.  I didn't have to rack my brain too much for this one, because my first celebrity crush was most likely the same as most girls my age.

Young Justin Timberlake

DUH ... Justin Timberlake!!

I was on team NSYNC growing up {Boo Backstreet Boys} and had all of their CD's, even the special ones you had to go get at McDonalds each week.  I had a keepsake box under my bed that had EVERYTHING Nsync and well mostly Justin. 

I remember one time {oh gosh this is embarrassing} that my boyfriend at the time {8th grade boyfriend ... so basically the boy I sat next two at church and talked on the phone with} and I broke up ... Life-Was-Over!! So I brought my portable CD player to Youth Group with me one night and made him listen to the Nsync Song ... "Its Gonna Be Me" ... ha-ha-ha.  In my mind {my 8th grade mind} I thought it was a great idea! 

While we are on the subject of embarrassing - I also memorized Justin's birth year {1981} so that I could look up his animal on the Mrs. Chen's place mat to see if we were compatible.  HA!!! And still to this day when my family and I go to Mrs. Chen's I remember that JT was in fact born in 1981 and we are a good match ;) 

So there you have it ... My first celebrity crush.

Friday's Favorite - my favorite thing this week

If I'm being honest ... my favorite thing this week ... was my bed!

However ... my other favorite thing this week .. My To Do List.  Catching up from last week and planning next week was an absolute MUST for me to stay on track.

I am a list freak! I love lists and things with lists on them.  I have a notebook that I carry around with me that is specifically for lists. 

When it comes to my work I NEED a to do list.  Besides my normal full time job I also have an Etsy Shop and this blog and I wanted one page that I could put all aspects of my days on.  I searched for it, but knew it was something that I would have to create ... so I did:

My Tailored To Do List

I like to print out a week's worth to plan out my whole week and set reminders for myself.
There are glasses of water to check off making sure I drink them throughout the day.
And I also thought a little motivational quote at the end would be nice too.

I know that this one is tailored to my life ... 
but you can download a version of it {with no titles} for free HERE.

Happy Easter!!
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