Friday, March 27, 2015

31 {Fri}day Blog Challenge - Tattoos and Piercings

31 Friday Blog Challenge

Piercings and Tattoos ... on this is a good one.  I have a story about how I got both {kind of}

Lets start with Piercings ... besides the usually ear piercing the only other kind I wanted done was my belly button.  I begged my mom from age 15 to age 18 to let me get it done and she always said no {I'm not sure why I even kept asking, my mom was pretty strict when I was younger} On my 18th Birthday she surprised me by saying that we were both going to get it done that day!!! 

I was so excited and not nervous at all.  I went first and then my mom went, I held her hand but I didn't look {me and needles don't go well together}.  Then all I remember was the lady telling us cleaning instructions and that she basically "created a tunnel through our flesh" and then I was out.  Passed right out.  I woke up with my arms above my head and my mom shoving M&Ms in my mouth {I guess she thought my sugar was low} I was done for the rest of the day too, we went to lunch and I couldn't eat.

Oh ... and after begging my mom for three years to get it done, I took it out after a year.  Although I give my mom credit cause she kept hers for I think five years or so.

You had me at piercings and tattoos ecard

Now on to Tattoos ... I wanted a tattoo in the worst way when I was about 24 I would say.  I wanted a cross on my side, up on my rib cage.  I had a friend that actually designed me a beautiful cross and I was set on getting it.  

My cousin Amanda also wanted to get one so I thought it would be fun to do it together, I had a trip planned to Buffalo around then so we decided to do it up there.  My friend that designed the tattoo for me used to work at a Tattoo Parlor in Pennsylvania and said that we HAD to go there.  So we loaded up early in the morning and drove from Buffalo to Pennsylvania for SEVEN hours.  

Oh Yea ... Dug this picture out .. That was the morning we left .. Look how little we were!!
I think the clock says 5:20 am.

When we got there Amanda went first, she was a trooper, she got it on the top of her foot too, which is painful.  Then it was my turn, they put the stencil on and had me sit down.  Then before they even touched me I started to pass out ... Seriously Jessica?!?!

Amanda's Love Tattoo
Amanda's Tattoo

I had them move the stencil to a less painful spot which was more on my back .. but then I really freaked out because I didn't want anything on my back! 

Long story short we headed back to Buffalo and I was tattoo-less, I was grateful that Amanda didn't hold it against me for chickening out.  Looking back now though I am happy that I didn't get it done.

And of course since it is Friday!!

If you  haven't figured out by now ... Mike and I do quite a bit of traveling both together and separate.  We usually always fly Delta as well, Mike is part of the credit card deal so we try to go with them any time we book a flight and {except for one mishap I had} they have been a pretty reliable airline.

My favorite thing this week is the Fly Delta App.  You can sign in to your Delta account or as a guest using your name and ticket / confirmation number so its easy to get started with and it keeps you up to date on everything that changes ... in real time!!

Fly Delta App
It tells you what gate your coming into and going out of each step along the way {my favorite feature} it tells you about delays before anyone else gets the information.  Its really a lifesaver when your flying {especially with layovers} 

And the best part ... Its FREE

{this post was not sponsored by Delta ... I just really love the app}

Have a great weekend!
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