Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Fresh Start ... New Resolution

I did it ... I made the first cardinal mistake of blogging ... I didn't blog.

A few things were happening late in the year that kept me from my Blog and Etsy Shop, however I have since formulated a schedule and a plan to not allow that to happen again!  I am going to jump in with both feet and immerse myself in the creative outlet I love.

Along with the resolution of returning to my blog I have also decided on a few more:
  • Read 12 books by the end of the year: I'm not going to hold myself to one per month as long as my total is 12 by December 31, 2015 then I will be satisfied.
  • Say No: I love to do things for people, I really truly find joy in it but I have discovered that because I say yes to everything and everyone I start to push things for myself down on the list.  I also want to be able to really dedicate the time and energy in to doing things for people, so by saying no to some things to I can lend more time to the things I say yes to.

That't it.  The blog, The Shop and the two listed above.  I feel like if I make too many then I'm already breaking the "Say No" resolution and filling my plate with too much.

I'm really excited about this year and what is in store ... I have some exciting trips coming up, my cousin is about to have her first child and I'm so excited for her, oh yea and I'M GETTING MARRIED!! 

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