Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Trash To Treasure - File Organizer

Trash to Treasure

Back HERE I talked about starting to do five projects a month and sharing the results with you guys.  Since we were already a few weeks into June I decided three for this month would be good.  So here is my first one.  Not to long ago I was actually able to sift through a hoarders junk pile!! This is one of the items I found and had an immediate refreshed vision for it.

Trash to Treasure - Trash

I found some leftover grey paint in the garage as well as some chalkboard paint that I always have on hand .... you never know what you want to turn into a chalkboard. 

Trash to Treasure - Prep

 Since one of the "picture holders" were broken I just kept the glass pieces {and if there were no glass pieces I would have cut out some think wooden sheets to size}.  I clean each of the glass pieces up and wiped down the whole file holder.

Trash to Treasure - Painting

I painted each glass panel with chalkboard paint and it took about 3 coats.  When I paint with chalkboard paint I alternate the directions I paint in with each coat to keep from streaky lines.  You can also use chalkboard spray paint for a cleaner look.

Trash to Treasure - Painting

I then painted the file holder itself .. That took about three coats as well.  I was a little lazy {yes I admit it} and didn't paint ALL the way to the bottom on the back two slots .. because, well lets face it .. you wont ever see it.

Trash to Treasure - Glue

Once everything was dry I used my handy E6000 glue and glued the "glass" chalkboard pieces in.

Trash to Treasure - Treasure

And there you have it! My final product. Quick, Easy, Cheap, Recycled and a useful touch to my desk!

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