Sunday, June 14, 2015

31 {fri}day Blog Challenge - My Worst Habits

My worst habits ... this could be a long list.  I'll stick to the top three.

1. Stick In My Ruts: I think I'm quite a motivated person and I usually have a plan for each day and it planned out a week in advanced {for work} along with a whole list of stuff to get done after work.  But sometimes I'll get in a little rut - lets say around 5 pm - where I just want to give up for the rest of the day.  Half the time I can get myself out of these little ruts but some times I just can't and I'll stay in the rut - on the couch - watching TV or reading.  I won't summon up the motivation until the next morning.  Sometimes I do this with weeks too - like with working out, if I don't follow the plan I had set forth, I give up for the rest of the week and get the motivation to start again on Monday ;) 

2. Eat WAY Too Much Sugar:  I try to tell myself all the time to cut back on sugar but I just CRAVE it sometimes.  My mom recently signed me up for this Live Cell Analysis thing and it showed my sugar addiction is not treating me well so I really need to cut back now.

3. Liter Box: I must admit ... I am really bad at cleaning out Wamp's liter box.  I'm not sure how often your supposed to clean a cats liter box but I'm sure that I don't do it often enough.  Every time my mom comes over she walks right to the liter box and cleans it out - or Marie will yell at me that I need to clean it out.  I must have good liter because I never smell it.  This is a bad habit I need to work on though.


After a great response to my Trash to Treasure post I have decided that I'm going to start something new! {I still have to work out the graphic for this} but I'm going to begin to list FIVE projects that I'm going to do for the month.  Whether it is a Trash to Treasure idea or something I found on Pinterest I am going to try and complete FIVE projects per month and document them here so I can give you tips or let you know if it is worth it or how complex it is  - in case you want to try these too.

Since June has already begun I'm only going to do 3 this month:

DIY BookmarkDIY Bookmark

This one might be easy ... BUT I'm going to do them both so that should count as a good one!  Since I have been keeping up on my resolution to read one book per month I am in need of a good book mark because folding the edges just isn't working for me {and it ruins your books}.  I am actually reading two books right now {one on my own and one with mike} so I want some options :)

DIY Bracelet

This one I'm kinda excited about! - I have NEVER in all my crafting years made any sort of jewelry.  Most likely because I don't really wear jewelry - but recently I have been more inclined to wear some.  However I haven't been so inclined to spend the money on it.  When I came across this on Pinterest I loved the look and wanted to try it.  

File Organizer Before

Lastly this month I will be refurbishing this - I found it in someones trash {actually is was a hoarders front junk yard - my upcoming Life Lately will explain more} and I had an immediate vision for it and a use!

I'll be completing these projects and posting them for you as I go along - I'll also link to the pages that posted them initially. 

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