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31 {fri}day Blog Challenge - What Am I Afraid Of // May Book Review

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31 Day Blog Challenge

What Am I Afraid Of?

I'm actually afraid of quite a few things but I thought I would elaborate on two.

Being Someplace I Can't Get Out Of

This one is a little hard to explain but basically I don't like being in a place or situation that I cannot get out of.  For example, a cruise ship ... when you are on a cruise ship you're stuck.  You cannot get off, get a flight home or drive.  You are on the ship until the next port.  I don't like that feeling.  I'm not afraid of being on the ship and having this feeling, I'm afraid of something actually happening to where I want to get off and I cant.  I think this has something to do with me being somewhat of a control freak .. I'm not in control of my whereabouts.

Bad Weather

This is something that I've been afraid of since I was little.  I used to be petrified of Thunder Storms, I used to sleep in my little brothers bed when they came because I hated them so much.  The beep that comes across the TV when there is a bad weather alert sent me to the bathroom about to throw up from nerves.  Now that I'm a little older I'm OK with the Thunder Storms and the TV alerts but I'm still afraid of Tornadoes {warning and watches} and Hurricanes.

That is two things that I'm afraid of the most - along with big hairy spiders, scary movies, and roller coasters :) 


May Book Review - Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies - Liane Moriarty

I picked this book because I LOVED {April's Book} and this was another one by the same author.  It had the same style as {The Husbands Secret} where there was a few story lines going on that ended up intermingling with each other.  This one was a tad bit more obvious as to how the story lines mashed together but it was still a fun read.  It held my attention and I finished it before the  month was up!  It is a little long but I would highly suggest it, especially if you read any of Liane Moriarty's books.

Book Rating: 9

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