Thursday, January 8, 2015

Lets Do Nothing

If you know Mike and I (by the way Mike is my fiance) you know that we are constantly on the go, never a dull moment. We usually have about two to three vacations a year and that doesn't count when we go back home (Detroit and Buffalo) for visits or events.  We also live in the Sunshine State and a lot of our friends and family live in Michigan or New York we have quite a few visits to our guest bedroom throughout the year.  Neither of us have normal 9 - 5 jobs so work can consume us from time to time.  Along with wanting to have a social life with friends and family we have here.  

One of the things we often say to each other is ... "Wouldn't it be nice if we could just stay in bed all day?"  We dream about it for about 2 minutes and then get up and get on with the day.  

Well over the New Years week we decided to finally put that plan into action.  We decided to take our first road trip (over 3 hours) as a couple to Asheville, North Carolina and lock ourselves in a little cabin on the river and ... stay in bed all day.  We thought it would be a great way to start the new year, with some much needed rest.

The drive really wasn't all that bad to be honest, we LOVE Diners Drive-Ins and Dives and always look for a place no matter where we go.  Sadly this trip had no good places on the way or in the area so we were left to our own devices food wise.  

We really wanted to get there so we opted for fast food during the drive, in Georgia neither of us had ever had Krystal Burger so we'd thought we'd try.  GROSS. I literally wanted to throw up the rest of the way.  

We made it in 11 hours and our cabin was the cutest little thing I have ever seen.

Our Cabin was right on the French Broad River

Cute little kitchen and a table to the left.

This was the bedroom, although we spent no time in here ... There was no TV 

We spent the whole time here ... right in the living room, next to the fire place, on the couch bed.

It was in the 30's the whole time so the fire was perfect to warm up right away.

The first night there we went to Asheville Pizza and Brewery - It was a really cool place, however Mike wasn't impressed with the pizza

I'm not lying when I say we went there to stay in bed the whole time ... so that's what we did for the next long while.

The next day was New Years Eve and also Mike's Birthday!
We slept in, walked around the cabin property, Mike attempted some fishing and I watched cause it was COLD! We were given a suggestion for a dinner place but they weren't open on Wednesdays so we decided to go to PF Changs.  Usually we like to eat at places that we can't eat at back home but without a reservation we didn't have much to choose from.  It actually was quite delicious and was the best server we had the whole trip.

Morning View

Signature Selfie

Mike scoping out his fishing spot

Me ... Cold.

The River.

Another selfie while we are waiting for our table

We opted for a bunch of appetizers and sharing one entree .. we like variety :)
Oh what is that in the bottom right?

The Birthday Boy's Birthday Treat :)
They wouldn't sing though :/

We stayed one more day and as you can guess ... DID NOTHING ... I have proof, apparently Mike often takes pictures of me when I don't know it 

We drove home on Friday, Saturday we unpacked, finished Mike's office reorganization, I worked and that night we had to attend a dinner for Mike's work. Sunday we took down all the Christmas decorations, prepared for the work week and watch what seem like the most important game to Mike all season the Cowboys vs. Detroit Playoff game.  Football is big in our house.  Needless to say we got right back into the swing of things .. busy, busy, busy. 

I do highly recommend taking time out to do nothing if you ever get the chance.

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