Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

Another week has come and gone and it was a whirlwind!  Sometimes I feel like I just watched the newest episode of the Bachelor (Monday Nights) and then its already Friday.  

Mike went to Orlando this weekend to have a "Boys Weekend" one of his friends flew in from Michigan and another lives in Orlando so I had the weekend to myself. I figured if he got to be with his boys I wanted to be with my girls so I went out with my friends Marie and Chelsea.

First we did dinner downtown at this place called Patrick's - one thing about these girls is that no matter what the situation we always have fun together and at least have one of those laughs where you almost pee your pants over the stupidest things ... that night was the Salmonella candle.  The food was ok, the waiter was weird (have you ever had a waiter refuse to take your picture) but the drinks were good and that's all that matters.

From Left to Right: Chelsea, Marie, and Me.

You should make note of these ladies because if you do follow my blog, 
and I hope you do,  you'll hear about them a lot.

You'll also hear a lot about:

Katie (Kitten Kat)

Pictures to come of them in future posts - All these ladies are the good, quality, amazing friends that you know you can count on. I've learned at the ripe old age of 29 that these kinds of girls are few and far between.  They are also all of my bridesmaids :) 

This was my "Chicken Pot Pie" it looks ok ... but I wasn't impressed.
Mike and I are big on taking pictures of our food when we eat new things 
You'll see a lot of food posts, especially on vacations.

After dinner Marie told us about this place, and now I cannot remember the name, that was like a Speakeasy.  It was hidden but we didn't need a password to get in.  We did however need our walking shoes because when it was all said and done we walked blocks to find this place.  Come to find out we passed it twice.  Once we got in they had some pretty amazing drinks to choose from and they considered their drinks, art.  Since art takes time they actually gave us sipping drinks while we waited.  Marie got some sort of Chai Drink, Chelsea got some sort of really strong whiskey drink and I got some sort of Gin Martini ... Chelsea and I ended up trading :)

Saturday my mom invited me to go with her, my grandma, my aunt and my cousin Courtney (as mentioned above) to go to New Port Richey and meet my cousin Tori's new baby Piper.  Since Tori and her husband live in Jacksonville I figured this would probably be one of the few times I'll see little Piper ... well, little.  The five of us piled in to my mom's car and Courtney, Grandma Barb and I got the back seat.  By the way 4 out of the 5 of us usually suffer from car sickness .... 

Then we got to meet this beautiful little girl

Sweet little Piper ... and Grandma Barb's first Great Grandchild

Left to Right: Grandma Barb, Tori & Piper, Aunt Kathy, my Mom, Aunt Suzanne, Me, and Courtney

Then on the way home we went to IKEA! I love that place, I could spend days in there redecorating my house over and over.  We did a little speed through so we could get Gram home but I was able to get a few little things for the house.  And sadly, they are all still in my trunk.  I'll get to them ... eventually.

Saturday night and Sunday I did chores and work ... I know its not fun but sometimes it just has to be done.  Mike came home Sunday afternoon and we did watch the AFC and NFC Championship games.  I've decided I'm cheering for the Patriots ... just staying in my division.  Did I mention I'm a Bills Fan?

Oh, I will share one more thing that happened over the weekend.  Wamp, my cat - whom this blog and my Etsy Shop are named after, is an indoor cat.  Actually, she is a precious little princess.  She has a friend, a black cat that is always at our doors and windows and they meow at each other all the time.  On Sunday Wamp went out on our front lanai and the cat was out there.

So I decided, let just see if they get along ...

That lasted about 15 seconds and they pounced at each other.  At least now I know that their play dates will have to remain though the windows and screens.

Hope you all had a great weekend too!

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