Monday, May 4, 2015

31 {Mon}day Blog Challenge - What's In My Handbag

31 Day Blog Challenge - Whats In My Purse

Moving right along on the 31 Day Blog Challenge, next up is ... What is in my handbag?  Of course to do this post I went ahead and dumped out my purse and took a picture.  I'll explain what I have in there below.

Whats In My Purse?

1. Well that's my wallet of course which also usually includes a book of stamps and some coupons.  I always buy a neutral color wallet so I can switch it between all my purses.

2. The Black Notebook is my "current lists" notebook - as I have mentioned many a times before I am OBSESSIVE when it comes to lists.  I use this notebook to keep all my current on going lists - To-Do, To-Buy, To-Clean, To-Do-Wedding, Grocery List, etc. 

3. The floral notebook is my planner, yes ... I still use a paper planner.  Something about being able to write things down and see things at a glance - over all, works easier for me than doing so electronically.  

4. Pair of sunglasses - and most other times I have my actual glasses in their too.

5. Invisalign Container - I am currently doing Invisalign {6th set of 21} and you must wear them 22 out of 24 hours of the day.  The only time you take them out is when your eating or drinking something other than water.  This is the container I carry around to put them in if I have to take them out at any point during the day.

6. Chapstick - I'm not a big fan of lipstick {frankly I think it accents my mustache so I just choose to forego that makeup item} but I do often get chapped lips so l like to keep chapstick on me at all times. 

Also shown {without numbers} are pens ... because you never know when you need one, and bobby pins ... because you never know when you need one :) 

My purse isn't full of too many goodies but it has everything that I need when I leave the house :) 

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