Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Life Lately

whats been going on in my life ... lately 

Mike, Me, Marie and Jason at Lightning Red Wings Game

This was actually from a long time ago but I didn't want it to get lost between the {Weekend Wrap Up} and {Life Lately} - This is Mike, Marie, Jason {Marie's Husband} and I at the Tampa Bay Lighting vs Detroit Red Wings Playoff hockey game.  It was a great time ... even though the Red Wings lost :( 

As you can tell the couples were routing against each other!


So Wamp has been staring under our dishwasher for a week or so now.  At first I thought maybe a lizard or a cockroach was under there {we live in Florida after all} and she was waiting for it to come out.  After a few days though I thought whatever it was ... kept going back under the dishwasher ... a mouse???

The other morning I was sitting at the table and I saw out of the corner of my eye, something run out {wamp chased it of course} and run back under ... I thought ... OH GREAT ... a mouse!!!

I put Wamp in the bedroom and waited for whatever it was to come out ... well this little guy made an appearance.

Baby Squirrel #1

Baby Squirrel #2

Baby Squirrel #3

A Squirrel!! A little baby Squirrel!! He was so freakin' cute!! {Mike said we weren't allowed to domesticate a squirrel} so I got it outside to let him go.


In some of my spare time I've been working on some fun side projects.  
I recently completed two logos. 

Brandy Rose Photography
This one was actually a refresh for my friend Brandy's Photography business.  You can check out her work {HERE}

Bloomouflage Logo
This one was for a friend of a sister of a friend of mine {that's a mouthful!} She is starting a company that creates camouflage with flowers incorporated for women.  How cool! 

If you are interested in have a logo created or branding, feel free to contact me at {wampdesigns@gmail.com


One of Mike and I's favorite entertainer's is Kevin Hart.  He is hilarious in anything that he does! Mike bought us tickets to see his live show in Tampa {super excited}! A couple days before we went we decided to rent one of his new movies:

Wedding Ringer Movie

Loved It! I would say it was about an 8 on my movie scale.  It did remind me a little of {I love you man} with the whole best man thing but it had some great parts.  If you looking for a funny light-hearted movie, grab this one.

On Friday {of this past week} we went to see his live show.  Below is the ONLY picture we got because they were so strict with cell phones at the show ... he doesn't want any of his material to get out.  Mike's sister's {Brittany - Blonde and Nichole - Brunette} came with us and all of us were in tears almost the entire time.  There was one point where I thought I was in trouble because my throat was closing and I couldn't stop laughing.  If you have an opportunity to go see it .. GO!

Brittany, Nichole, Me, Mike at Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart What Now Tour


I've been working on a lot of wedding stuff  - which I'm mostly keeping to myself until after the wedding {I'll do a TON of posts after} - although I thought this picture kinda summed up a lot of what I've been working on with it .. so here's a sneak peak. 

Wedding Stuff at Hobby Lobby

That's about all for what has been happening in my life lately {that I have pictures of - still working on making sure I do that!}

Jessica Signature
Oh ... and this is what Wamp has been up to lately {besides hunting squirrel} 

Wampy Kitty

Wamp Designs Etsy Shop

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