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How To Survive Creating Your Wedding Registry

Creating A Wedding

I don't know about your significant others but mine HATES shopping and while your registry isn't shopping per say ... its still being in a store for more than 5 minutes.  I also do not like to purchase things unless I REALLY love them {in this case, I don't like to scan anything without REALLY loving it}.  

Mike and I are fortunate enough to have had our home for almost three years now so we already have a lot of the items couples register for.  However, that makes it difficult to find things to put on a registry.

With all that being said I had to come up with a game plan for us and I'm sharing with you some tactics I used:

How To Survive Creating Your Wedding Registry

1. Take Inventory of Your Home: What do you need? What needs to be replaced or updated? What do you use often? And of course MAKE A LIST.

Examples: Sheets, Pillowcases, Towels {bath and kitchen}, Baking Sheets, Pillows, etc.

2.  As a follow up to number one ... Keep A List.  When you inventory your home, write it all down and keep that list with you.  When your cleaning and something pops in your head that you'd like, write it down.  When your out and about and see something you'd like, write it down.  You wont be able to remember everything when the time comes.  You WILL be overwhelmed. 

3. Stop Buying Things for Your Home {preferably once your engaged} - It may bother you for a few months when you really want new accent pillows but fight though it because people are buying you presents in the next couple of months.  I have been wanting to change our bedding for months now, and although its driven me nuts I'm happy I waited.  When you think of something you want to change in your home ... write it down.

4.  Do a Dry Run.  The day before we went to do our registry I went and walked through Bed Bath and Beyond {an easy, universal place to register}.  I looked at stuff that I know I would have to consider and think about {i.e. bed sets, sheets, towels, art, etc.}.  That way I didn't have to mull over it when I had Mike with me.

5. Stick to Your Guns.  The very helpful people at BB&B were sure to let us know how many gifts to put on the registry and offered ideas on things to scan.  For some people this might be great but for us we knew what we wanted {our list} and we didn't want to register for things we really didn't want or need or waste time "thinking" about that avocado slicer.  We were up front and let our BB&B rep know this and also let them know that we didn't want to spend 4 hours there.

6.  Take Advantage of the Online Tools (if available).  I had already made changes to our registry when we got home using the online tool.  After thinking about it on the way home I wanted different colored towels and was able to change it instantly.  I will also use this tool after my shower in case the gift selection gets low.  Also, its great for nosy people {like me} to see what has been bought so far.

Registry Ecard

I hope some of these tips help you! In the end just have fun, I mean when else do you get to go around and make a big list of gifts for people to buy you?!?

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