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$5 DIY Photo Booth Props

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$5 DIY Photo Booth Props

Like many people are doing now-a-days we are going to have a photo booth at our wedding.  It is really a great deal and something fun for your guests.  In many cases each person in the booth gets a copy of the photo and an album is made for the bride and groom of all the photos taken that night. 
In our case (and I believe in most) the photos are unlimited - what more could you ask for?

While the company we rented the booth from will be supplying fun props for the booth I wanted to make some fun props myself.  I saw some great ones to buy on Etsy but I couldn't see spending upwards of $50 for something so little ... and not able to be customized.

So I started spinning my wheels and came up with this idea ... best part - I could create about 10 for only $5.00!! Lets start with the supplies:

Black Foam Board: $1 @ Dollar Tree
Wooden Skewers: $1 @ Dollar Tree
White Paint Pen: $3 @ Michael's Craft Store
Pencil - On hand
Exacto Knife - On hand

$5 DIY Photo Booth Props - Supplies

The first thing I did was sketch out some speech and thought blurbs.  I did mine by hand in pencil but you can always print out some from online and trace them.

$5 DIY Photo Booth Props - Trace Blurbs

Once I sketched out enough that I wanted I used the White Paint Pen and traced my sketches.  The foam board did soak up quite a bit so I was sure to go over the lines a few times.

$5 DIY Photo Booth Props - White Chalk Lines

I also thought it would be easier to write my sayings at this time, although you could also do this after we cut them out on the next step.  I wanted to make a few sayings that were fun and a few that were specific to our guests.  In our case most of our guests will be coming from Michigan or Buffalo.

$5 DIY Photo Booth Props - Sayings

The next step was to take my exacto knife and cut out my speech bubble props.  I did this over my rug so I did not make any marks on my hard surfaces.  I also left about a half inch outside of the white line - this way it still showed the line and made mistakes less visible. 

Next I took the a skewer and poked it in between the foam - be very careful at this point - if you push too hard you could come out the front or the back of the foam board.

{I had mike help me take this picture ... see his little foot in the left hand corner??}

While just sticking the skewer in the foam held pretty well I wanted to make sure they didn't start falling apart when people started handling them.  I took some industrial strength glue and covered the tip of the skewer in it.  I put the skewer back in and let it dry.

There you have it ... easy as pie! I made seven signs from 2/3 of the foam board so I would estimate you can make about 10 from each board.  If your really crafty with your placement or size of the signs you could most likely get 12-15 as well.

Another DIY wedding project in the books ... 45 days and counting to the BIG day! 

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