Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Back To School

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Here in Florida we are just days away from the first day of school - back home {Buffalo} we still have quite some time.  When I first moved here ... long ago ... that was the first thing that I had to get used to.  Starting school in August and ending in May.

In the spirit of starting school I decided to make a few fun items for the shop.

But first ... 

First Day Of School Jessica

First Day Of School Jessica
Lets pay close attention to the lunch box and the socks! ha-ha }

First Day Of School Jessica

A few of these gems have a note on the back with the date or year of school but wouldn't it have been SO much cuter if we were holding a sign that looked something like these??

First Day Of School Year Long

Custom First Day Of School Signs

First Days Of School are important, especially in the early grades. Remember exactly what your kids were like on their first day of Pre-school, Kindergarten, First grade and on. 

Buy using this adorable print you can create a collection of pictures of them holding it on their first day of school. Make it a tradition each year - I bet come their senior year in high school it would be great to look back through the years.

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While I don't have children yet myself I was able to make a cute one for my godson, Cole.
{a cute picture of his first day to come}

Cole's First Day Of Preschool

In an effort to keep up all this cuteness as the school year goes on I decided to make these adorable lunch box note cards!! What a sweet {and adorable} way to encourage your little one.  Especially if its their first year at school.  

Instant Download - Lunch Box Notes

Hope all the kiddos out there have a great school year!

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