Monday, August 17, 2015

Grocery Shopping

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I must admit that I don't have a bunch of great tips for grocery shopping, however I do have one useful tool. At least useful for me, and you if you so choose to use it.

grocery shopping ocd ecard

Mike and I have recently changed our eating lifestyle to Clean Eating, basically if it does not have a mother or grow from the ground ... don't eat it.  For me this is challenging since I love white pasta and bread and would have a sugar IV if it wouldn't kill me.  With clean eating it requires a lot of fresh foods - so I have upped my grocery game to once a week! {for a family with no kids ... that a lot}.

I have got it down to a science though.  Cue my handy grocery shopping list:

grocery shopping template

I use this template for each trip, I can plan the meals I will cook that week.  In hind sight this probably wasn't the best week to document since Mike is going out of town on Thursday so I won't be cooking big dinners while he is gone.  Anyways I write down my meals and then survey my kitchen to see what ingredients I already have and which ones I need.

Categorizing my shopping items by Meat, Produce, Dairy, and Misc.

grocery shopping template

While my prep takes about a half an hour to forty five minutes it makes my trip in the store a breeze.  With a handy highlighter in hand {makes it much cleaner than just crossing it out - I know, OCD} I can whizz through the departments and be well on my way.

grocery shopping template

If you'd like to adapt this simple approach to your grocery shopping feel free to download my template below:

Free Download - Grocery Template

Happy Shopping! 

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