Monday, August 31, 2015

Bridesmaid Series: Katie

This weekend is my bridal shower ... I'm so excited to see what my girls have put together for me ... I'm positive it will be nothing less than perfection! I'm also super excited because I'll be seeing this lovely lady ... my next bridesmaid in the Bridesmaid Series:

Or should I say Kitten.  I met Katie when working at Ruby Tuesday.

{I must make a confession here - I wasn't the nicest person the last year I was working there, I was over the restaurant scene and therefore it reflected in my interactions with people there.}

But Kaite ... she broke through my "tough exterior" and became one of my very favorite people.  Katie has a heart, that when she loves you - she really loves you - really cares for your well being and always looks out for you.  Our friendship started out more as a partnership as we bar-tended together on the weekends.  When you spend hours in a small space with someone constantly interacting together and playing off each other with others you develop a rhythm.  It was after just a few shifts together that I knew we'd be friends for life.

Katie and I at Ladies Night

Katie is an ambitious young lady - and very intelligent.  She is always telling me stories and giving me information about things you wouldn't normally think she would be interested in, but she'll surprise you.  She can also talk to anyone about anything - I'm serious - you put her anywhere and she will find something to talk to someone (intelligently) about.

She of course had a fun side - Katie and I regularly had 'Ladies Nights' with our friend Laura and we still try to squeeze them in here and there as life gets busy - one in particular is my favorite.  I won't go into great detail but lets just say someone had a little too much to drink and someone else found that someone in the movie theater bathroom passed out with her pants down ;)

Katie and I at Ladies Night
Classic Katie ... Always a great time

Katie and I at Ladies Night

Katie and I at Ladies Night

Katie and I at Ladies Night

Katie is one of the most positive people I've meet and is always my best cheerleader.  This wedding journey wouldn't have been as fun without her :) 

Katie and I at my Bachelorette Party
Katie and I at my Bachelorette Weekend

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