Monday, August 24, 2015

Bridesmaid Series: Courtney

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I have been in the midst of preparation these past couple of weeks, with the wedding just about a month away ... its crunch time.  One of my life savers during this time has been my bridesmaids! So I wanted to take the next seven ... yes seven ... posts to highlight each of my girls.  First Up:

Courtney is my cousin on my mom's side - however we didn't actually meet until I was about 10 years old.  When Courtney was young she was the epitome of a sweet little girl.  Hair always in curls, cute hand sewn dresses - always, and a smile.  Courtney lived in Buffalo for quite a while and then moved to Florida - she may have moved back and forth a few times.  While we were family we weren't very close growing up due to distance ... that is until her 19th birthday.

Courtney's 19th Birthday
{Left to Right: Courtney, Marie, Me}

My mom had told me that Courtney was going through a break up and could really use some fun to distract her ... the rest is history.  From then on we became such great friends and better family.  We even attempted cooking Thanksgiving Dinner for our entire family one year - We were lucky to find our friendship at the most fun points in our lives - our early 20's

The adventures we have been on together are both hilarious and endless.  Whether it be mud sliding at a concert, going to the beach in February, Bills games in below 0 temps, or that one time we got those bow ties??  She has always had a good spirit about doing new things.

Beach Day At Siesta
{Beach Days At Siesta}

Football Night
{ One Of Many Football Nights }

Me and Courtney - My 25th Birthday
{ Courtney and I at my 25th Birthday }

Bills Game in Buffalo
{ Bills Game in Buffalo }

Courtney and I at Summer Concerts
{ Summer Concerts } 

{ Ginnie Springs Trips }

I look forward to the adventures we have to come - while they may be a little less wild I'm sure they will be great none-the-less.

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