Friday, February 13, 2015

31 {Fri} Day Blog Challenge - Business Name

I'm back on land!! Now I know that I missed last Friday with the Blog Challenge so today I'm going to make up {fri}day two and three.

31 Day Blog Challenge

20 Facts About Me:

1.  I'm basically half Philippine and half Irish.
2.  My biggest fear is pain that I know is coming {i.e. surgery, dentist visit, piercing, etc.}
3.  I don't like Coconut - taste, smell, texture ... none of it
4.  I have giant earlobes 
5.  I love Star Gazer Lilies 
6.  I have two younger brothers - Logan and Luke 
7.  I bar tended for 8 years at Ruby Tuesdays
8.  I'm always cold ... I think it has something to do with circulation 
9.  I love Creme Brulee {in fact I ordered it every night at dinner on our 5 night cruise!!}
10.  My wardrobe mainly consists of greys, blues and black.
11.  I love to country line dance
12.  My cocktail of choice is gin and tonic
13.  My favorite music artist is Eric Chruch
14.  I have never been a fan of pink {however it is one of my wedding colors ... go figure}
15.  I love to clean and organize ... its like therapy for me
16.  I was supposed to be named after a state - like Montana or Dakota 
17.  I have no will power when Pizza Rolls are involved {the Tostino ones}
18.  I cry at sad commercials and sport championships {i.e. Superbowl, World Series, etc.}
19.  I love doing home improvement projects 
20.  I am proud to be from Buffalo, NY.

There you have it ... 20 whole facts.  It was actually not that easy to come up with ... try it! 

Be Yourself Quote

On to Number 3!! - Meaning of my Business Name

Wamp Designs {although I consider this still a working title} 

Is named after the my most beautiful kitten cat ... Lola.  Yes I know that Wamp and Lola aren't the same but let me explain:

Lola's name was actually Stoopy when I first adopted her- who would name a cat that??? Anyways I had always loved the name Lola so I decided on that for her.  When she was a little kitty I had worked at a Landscape Architects office and one day one of the owners came in {a lady} and was talking about how her skirt was kitty-wampis {crooked}.  I suppose that stuck in my head because I started to call Lola - Kitty Wampis. 

1 Year Old Wamp
{Just 1 year old} 

Long story short she went from Kitty Wampis to Wampis to Wampy to just plain Wamp.  And now that is what she is known by.  I only call her Lola when she is in trouble ha-ha.

When I set out to create my "business" I wanted it to center around creating beautiful things and be unique so I looked around at beautiful things for inspiration, low and behold I saw Wamp.  Not only is she beautiful she is unique {she thinks she is a dog} and her name, I'm sure, is the only one of its kind.

Creativity Quote

I'm glad to be caught up now! I hate feeling like I am behind on something {hey look, another fact} I'll be working on getting together all of our vacation pictures so that I can do a "Vacation Wrap Up" and share all the fun we had.  

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