Friday, February 20, 2015

31 {Fri}day Challenge - Earliest Childhood Memory

31 Day Blog Challenge

Up on the challenge today is my earliest childhood memory ... interestingly enough I feel like I can remember things from when I was as little as two years old.  So that is what I am going with.  I was either two or three because I know that we still lived on Marigold Street in Buffalo and we moved from there when I was three.  That was the house where my parents and I lived on the top floor and my Aunt Jackie and Uncle Ron lived on the bottom floor.  I remember playing with my cousin Ryan in the side yard, and I think they had a dog too, a German Sheppard.  I also remember {although it wasn't my earliest memory} riding my Big Wheel in the driveway of that house.  At the end of the driveway it started to slope upwards and one day I went up that slope and completely fell over backwards ... I still have the scar on my elbow from it.

making memories quote

Anyways ... what I remember is loving to watch the Peanuts.  I cannot put my finger on which movie it was but I know that it was the one where they were racing in canoes at some point during the movie.  I would watch that over and over again {coincidentally, I think that was a running theme when I was young because my Grandpa's favorite story to tell about me was when I would watch Home Alone, over and over again} back to the Peanuts.

Now I don't know if this happened by "accident" or if this happened on "purpose" but one day that VHS tape fell behind the TV stand and no one could reach it to get it out.  I remember the TV stand not being that large and could have been easily moved by my dad .. so perhaps it was on purpose.  I think by the time we moved from that house I had forgotten all about that tape. 

Peanuts Picture

That there is my earliest childhood memory ... Apparently I also enjoyed making huge messes in my room of that house {which is completely unlike me today}.  I only know this though via pictures 

messy picture of me
This is where I gained my childhood nickname Messy Jessy

With that being a relatively short post I wanted to also introduce something new! 

Fridays Favorite My Favorite Thing This Week

I'm going to share with you guys my favorite thing of the week every Friday.  These will truly be my favorite things and my own true opinions.  This week are my new shoes!! I purchased them for the cruise because I thought they would be comfortable for walking around the ports and ship but still cute enough.  The best part ... They were only $17! {Now they are on sale for $14!! - I might have to go get another color}  
At your favorite place and mine, Target ... Find them HERE 

Grey Target Shoes

Have a great weekend!

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