Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Coming Together

A very good friend of mine is moving to New Hampshire soon ... I met Sarah when I worked for a Merchant Service Provider {fancy name for setting people up to accept credit cards} and we have stayed in touch since we both left {almost a year ago}.  We try to have our sushi lunch at least once a week and when we found out she was moving we made sure that we had our lunch each week until she left.

{From left to right: Me, Sarah, Juliana, and Susan}
This was us all celebrating our last weeks working together 

Sarah is good people, I've said this before but it is hard to find loyal, trust worthy, quality friends now a days {or maybe I'm just picky} Anyways I decided I needed to get her something for her new home before she left ... then it hit me! Sarah is engaged to her fiance Jesse {they are actually getting married three days before Mike and I!} and this will be a new place for the both of them.

I give you the Three Heart Map

three heart maps

I have this print set available in my Etsy Shop and I thought it would be perfect! She is from Detroit, her fiance is from Bradenton, and they are moving to New Hampshire!! Now they will have something to hang in their home to remind them of where they came from and where they came together.  I wish them both a lifetime of happiness in their new endeavor! I'll be for sure missing our sushi lunches and ecard texting. 

Bradenton Heart


New Hampshire

I have Mike and I's hanging above our bed.  Don't mind the fact that they are crooked, Wamp walks along the headboard and messes them up all the time! 

Three Heart Map
Detroit on his side of the bed, Buffalo on my side, and Sarasota in the middle 

These make a great engagement, house warming, or moving gift.  I was excited that I could make them for someone.  You can also do other variations like {where you were engaged, married, and live} {where you met, married, and live} or really any special three places.

What would your three places be?

Sarah also does photography for racing {a passion of hers}, check out her stuff at Apex Pix Agency 

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