Monday, February 16, 2015

Vacation Wrap Up

Usually my Monday post is my "Weekend Wrap Up" however since I spent my weekend regaining my land legs and cleaning for Grandma Sweeney's arrival ... I give you the Vacation Wrap Up.

Last Saturday Mike and I left on a 5-Night cruise for Key West and Cozumel.  I usually suffer from motion sickness quite easily so I took some Dramamine before we even left for the three hour care ride to the Ft. Lauderdale port.  We boarded the ship and got settled in, and of course got a little snack because the best part of going on a cruise is eating food all-day-long.  We had to attend a reception that evening with Mike's colleagues and I was excited to wear my cute new "nautical" dress.  Sadly this is the only picture we took that night 

{notice my own pillow case in the background, a MUST of mine when traveling}

Sadly the boat was rocking so bad that night I borderline passed out and spent the night in bed while Mike went to the casino.  Luckily in the morning we were docked in the Key West port and could get off the boat! Mike had been to Key West a few times {he LOVES it} and this was my first time so he was our tour guide.  We rented bicycles and rode around the island stopping at the Southern Most Point, Ernest Hemingway's House, and Duval Street.  We had lunch at DJ Clam Shack, of course it was featured on Diners Drive-ins and Dives.  {Mental Note: create a page for all the Triple D's we have been to} The food was great, Mike had fried clams and I had fried shrimp tacos with JUMBO shrimp.  We also hit "Key West's Smallest Bar" and another Irish Pub before heading back tot he ship.

{there were a bunch of kitty cats running around the yard ... this one has 6 toes!}

{inside Key West's Smallest Bar}

The next day we were at sea all day {not my friend} but we made the most of it.  I laid in the sun for a while, Mike went to the gym, watched a movie in our room, we played Bingo, saw a great show, and dinner was at 8:30 every night and lasted until 10:30. {Side Note: it is a rare occasion that we get dessert when we go out to dinner, so I took full advantage of it on the cruise and had my favorite ... creme brulee ... EVERY NIGHT}

In the morning we were docked in Cozumel, and this was the highlight of the trip for me.  The excursion that we signed up for was to swim with the dolphins.  I was a little nervous at first but after a you get in the water and get to pet the dolphins it was so much fun.  Each person got kisses and handshakes from the dolphins, you got to hold one, get a belly ride {hold his bottom fins while he swims backwards}, and you got pushed forward from your feet.  Mike refused to get kisses ... he said they were dirty.  

After swimming with the dolphins we went to downtown Cozumel and ate lunch and did a little shopping.  Mike drank the water .... but he recovered quickly.

The last day at sea we spent most of the day relaxing and eating.  This is where I decided that 5 nights is just too long for a cruise.  Perhaps if we didn't already live in paradise we would enjoy the extra day of fun in the sun on the cruise deck but we are a bit spoiled living in the Sunshine State.   That night the cruise ship was a rockin' .. even Mike felt it this time.

Over all we had a great time and made some fun memories.  I will say though I don't plan on going on a cruise any time soon, my legs want to stay on land for a while.  Its taken me about four days to get back to normal.

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