Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Dr. Oz 3 Day Cleanse - Day 2

Before I go through my day yesterday {I'm reporting one day behind so I make sure to get all the information from the day in} I wanted to list a few things that I learned so far that you should know before you start:

1.  The lunch drink - does not blend in a blender.  I used my food processor to get this one done.  The celery just doesn't mesh well with a blender.

2. The "grocery list" does NOT take into account the snack shake.  So if you plan on having the snack shake {I haven't done it the whole three days, mainly because I'm sick of drinking} you should figure out which shake you like best from day one then go gather the ingredients for that shake.  

3. Its almost impossible to save "quarters" of an avocado.  The dinner drink calls for 1/4 of an avocado, well by day two the rest of the avocado is quite brown and lets not think about day 3.  I put mine in a ziplock bag and kept it in the fridge, however I would suggest splurging on a couple avocados.  You can also try this idea {Keep Avocado Fresh} which I found AFTER mine went brown. 

That being said ... lets go to Day 2

I was very happy to have my green tea and morning drink {they have by FAR been my favorite part of this}.  I continued with my day but work kept me from having my lunch drink until around 1:45.  I tweaked the recipe a little bit, I only did 2 stalks of celery and 3/4 of the cucumber and it was MUCH better.  It is still the worst drink of this cleanse but it was bearable this way.

I had to go to my parents house around 5pm to help my brother's girlfriend with her history project {between myself, my two brothers, and their girlfriends I have completed about 500 school projects and graduated high school at least 3 times.} Apparently I am the go-to for school help.  Anyways while I was there {which was only an hour} my hands started getting shaky and I was beginning to sweat ... you know the signs that your about to pass out!  

So I hate to tell you friends but I had to cheat a little bit ... I had a 4 pack of BenVita Breakfast Biscuits.  I instantly felt better, stopped shaking and went on.

When I got home I had my dinner drink and went to bed.

Day 2 was by far my worst day, I was hungry, cranky, pass-outy, and complained to Mike more than he cared for  ... But I made it though!  And he still loves me :) 

Since it was my worst day ... I forgot to take pictures! UGH ... I promise I'll have more tomorrow!! 

Day 2 Stats
Weight: 133.2
Energy Level: 7.5
Hunger: 8.9

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