Monday, March 2, 2015

31 {Fri} Day Blog Challenge - My Guilty Pleasure {LATE}

{This Post Is Coming A Day Late} 

Hmmmm ... My guilty pleasure, this is a hard one.  I had to think a while on this but I believe I came up with it ... Candy!

I know what your thinking ... Candy? Everyone likes Candy ... that can't be your guilty pleasure ... well its not necessarily the candy ... its the way in which I consume it ... All of it ... All at the same time.

Blog Challenge Guilty Pleasure

If I buy a box or bag of candy, I will eat it ALL in one sitting.  My favorite candy right now is Hot Tamales and they come in the box that is almost always on sale 2 / $3 so I have to get two boxes right!?!  It still applies ... I'll eat both boxes before the day is over.

I try to constrain myself ... I really do ... I put the box or bag of candy away like 12 times but I still get it right back out and start munching away on them.  The worst is when I'm working and they are in my desk drawer or when I'm driving.  You can almost always find empty candy boxes / bags in my middle consul.

My Favorite Candies to Consume {all at once}

Paper Candy Dots
Candy Dots 

Conversation Hearts
Conversation Hearts

Necco Wafers
Necco Wafers

Red Hots Candy
Red Hots

Hot Tamales 

So basically anything that is cinnamon or pure sugar :) 

And now for another edition of 'Friday's Favorite' 

Friday Favorite

Essie Lady Like Nail Polish
I even painted them myself! 

While scanning the Clearance end-caps at Target 
{something I do every time I go - and I highly suggest - they always have great deals}
I passed by the nail polish section and this color just stood out to me!


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