Friday, March 6, 2015

31 {Fri} Day Blog Challenge - 3 Personality Traits I'm Proud Of

You know as I read down this list of challenges there are a lot of fun ones {in my opinion} coming up but this one doesn't seem that fun to me.  I thought about skipping it but I think that would defeat the purpose.  So here we go - 3 Personality Traits I'm Proud Of

Observer ... Selfless ... Creative 

observing quote

I find myself to be a very observant person, by observant I mean I listen when people tell me about things that they like, or stories, or experiences and keep that in my memory so that if I happen to come across that thing they like or something about their story I can get it for them or tell them about it.  Mike might think I'm a little much with this because sometimes when I'm observing behaviors they aren't right {I think that just with him though} I also observe my surroundings and other people to get a good read of my situation, I don't like to get caught off guard with a situation I cannot get myself out of.

Doing for others quote

This is a personality trait I am proud of even though sometimes it gets the best of me.  I very easily put others before myself.  Mainly I tend to do for others rather than myself.  I'm not sure where this started, I believe it is because my brothers are 10 and 8 years younger than me so I took care of them a lot and always put them before myself growing up.  I really do get joy in helping others, especially if it is something that they cannot or don't know how to do.  I've always been grateful when people take time to help me so I wan to pass the love.

Being Creative Quote

I have been creative since as far back as I can  remember.  I have always done crafts, painting, sewing, projects, etc. You name it, if its in Michael's {craft store} I probably bought it.  I love making things and making things beautiful, it shouldn't have taken me so long to realize that I wanted to work in Marketing for a living.  By far my most favorite creative outlet is my Etsy Shop items.

There you have it.  Three personality traits I am proud of :)
I'm REALLY excited about next Friday though ... FOOD!  I think I'm going to have Mike write a guest list of his top 10 favorite foods as well

Now for .....

Favorite Friday

My favorite thing this week is actually a song! When I'm driving I usually listen to talk radio, here in Sarasota we have 102.5 The Bone which is talk radio all day.  Lately though I have been switching through the channels and I have come upon 

ed sheeran thinking out loud
The video is actually quite beautiful as well

And I'm in LOVE ... I've heard it almost enough times that I know the majority of the words and have decided to add it to my wedding song playlist :) 

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