Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

Weekend Wrap Up
Like my new weekend post image ???

I realized on Sunday this week that I am horrible at remembering to take pictures of things over the weekend and I made a promise to myself to do better from here on out.

Anyways ... This weekend on Saturday was my Grandpa's 74th Birthday.  He is here in Sarasota with Gram for his birthday so we had a BBQ at our house and invited my family and Mike's to celebrate.

{I must say that we are really lucky that our families get along so well, we usually have BBQ's every once and a while with them both and it is always a good time}

Mike cooked us hot dogs {sahlens} and hamburgers and Gram made her famous Potato Salad {among other treats}.  Nichole brought Poppy a Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie from Der Dutchman.

Poppy's 74th Birthday
If you look closely you can see we have a 5 & 2 which = 7 and a 4 because he turned 74!

Grandma and Poppy Sweeney - 54 Years of Marriage <3

Saturday night we rented Dallas Buyers Club {we hadn't seen it yet} 

Dallas Buyers Club

If you haven't figured it out we love to watch movies.
Over all I really liked the movie the only thing I didn't like was that Mathew McCohnaughey was sickly skinny, I know he had to do it for the role but it kinda was a bit much for me.
{My Movie Rating: 7.8}

On Sunday Gram and I set out early to hit the Farmers Market and Hobby Lobby ... we soon found out that the Farmers Market was only open on Saturdays as is Hobby Lobby {i forgot about that} so our morning was a bust but we ended up going to breakfast with my mom and then to Home Goods. 

We laid out in the sunshine after and later we went and got pedicures.

Grams Pedicure
Gram was in heaven

Sunday evening Gram, Mike and I went to Mi Pueblos {a great local Mexican restaurant}

Gram and Mike
I beginning to think Gram like Mike more than me!

Chips and Queso

 And we watched another movie ... The Drop.  Gram and Mike didn't really care for this movie .. but I kinda liked it.  It was kind of a Russian Mob Movie but mainly centered around a guy that worked for a bar owned by the Russian Mob.  The whole plot though was a little poorly mapped out {Movie Rating: 6.1}

The Drop

Over all a pretty laid back weekend ... we have one more before things start to get a little crazy again! How was your weekend? 
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