Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

Weekend Wrap Up

I can't believe the weekend is already over with! It flew by for me, although I was still trying to catch up from last weekend {Michigan} and getting ready for this upcoming week/weekend ... I'm going to Buffalo :) 

I was really excited for Saturday because all of my bridesmaids {except the ones that live out of state} got together to go bridesmaid dress shopping ... fun! A special thank you to Brandy and Katie who drove an hour to be a part of the day.  Although I won't lie, it was a bit over whelming.  Looking back on the day though I don't know if there was any other way to do it.  

I want my girls to all be wearing the same color, length and fabric but I want them to choose the style {top} that they are comfortable with.  So they had originally looked at the designer's website and picked a style that they liked.  Can you believe that out of 7 girls none of them picked the same dress! Which was awesome.  I was worried that maybe 5 would like strapless and 2 would like something else which wouldn't really work.  I was hoping for almost all different.

There was a lot going on and all these dresses were labeled by numbers so we were blurting out numbers and "Ooooo I like that" and "Oh that's pretty" and "What do you think about this one?" "How about this one compared to the last one" and so on. Not to mention 5 girls in 2 fitting rooms. Marie {my maid of honor} was able to help control the situation and streamline the style numbers and choices which was great!

In the end everyone was able to pick a dress that they liked and ordered it so we are checking one more thing off the wedding to do list and moving onward!

Courtney Trying On Dresses
Courtney In One Of The Dressing Rooms

Chelsea Picked Hers!
Chelsea Had Hers Picked Early On ... Then She Could Watch The Fun ;)

Bridesmaid Dresses Picked!
From Left to Right {Brandy, Laura's Dress, Marie, Courtney, Chelsea, Katie, Amanda's Dress}

After dress shopping a few of us went to the mall but I think we were over the shopping experience so we had some Chinese food and went home.  I was pooped on Saturday night so Mike and I ordered some Sushi {talk about an Asian Cuisine kind of day} and watch a movie.  We were looking for something funny and were bummed when we found out Kevin Hart's movie, Wedding Ringer, was out of theaters and not on demand yet ... so we settled for: 

Dumb and Dumber To

The title speaks for itself.  This movie was awful, everything from the acting to the story line to the jokes, it was a HUGE miss!!  I was so disappointed because I love Dumb and Dumber {the original} and I thought with the same actors it wouldn't be that bad. {My Movie Rating: 3.5} 

Sunday Morning Mike and I went to church, I used to go when I was growing up but had not been back since I was like 18.  We started going again a few weeks ago and we are both really enjoying it.  We are inviting our families to come for Easter Service.

After church we went to Panera, did yard work, and Mike helped me with some baby shower crafts that I am working on for my cousin Amanda's Baby Shower {which is why I'm going to Buffalo}.  It was a really nice, typical Sunday.  When Mike rented the movie on Saturday night he could get another for $0.50 so he got FoxCatcher {which I've been wanting to see for a while}

Foxcatcher Movie

This movie is based on a true story, however I'm not sure there is much of a story.  The whole thing was kind of weird and didn't make much sense, nothing really tied together and there was a lot of man touching {wrestling moves} ha-ha.  I wanted to see it because of the great actors in it, Channing Tatum, Steve Carell, and Mark Ruffalo but the movie wasn't great.  {My Movie Rating: 5.5}

I hope you all have a great week and I'm still trying to remind myself to take more pictures over the weekend so I have more to share.

Jessica Signature
Oh yes ... I forgot I wanted to start adding a little something to the end of my weekend wrap ups.  You see, when I go through my pictures of the weekend to put up I always have tons of Wamp {the cat} and she never makes it on ... so I thought she deserves a little spotlight at the end ... the blog is named after her after all

Wamp in the Window


  1. Ah! I'm wedding obsessed. I can't wait for go bridesmaid dress shopping for some of my friends! This looks so fun. What are your wedding colors? / creative + lifestyle blog

    1. Thanks! My wedding colors are blush, black, champagne and gold accents :) And it was so much fun!