Tuesday, March 10, 2015

DIY Travel Instagram Wall

DIY Travel Instagram Wall

Continuing my week of DIY projects {see Monday's here} I rearranged my Instagram wall to a Travel Instagram Wall.  I got the original idea {HERE} and it came out pretty well.  However our room has so many big empty walls I needed to rearrange some stuff so it didn't look like a dinky project on a huge wall.

Instagram Wall

The wooden frames are from Michaels, painted white, the edges are painted navy blue and then I glued the little brackets on the front to hold the labels.

I thought these frames would do much better on a smaller wall.  I also noticed that most of the pictures were from our travels and Mike and I were just talking about how we wanted to start somehow making notes of the places we've been ... so I transformed it into a Travel Instagram Wall.

First I found a travel quote {who doesn't love a good graphic quote} and had it printed in a 8 x 10 size.  I framed it in a larger frame with matting so it would really stand out.

Travel Quote

I started with the quote frame as my centerpiece.  I'd love to tell you some awesome secret about how to measure out the frames so everything is even but I honestly eyeballed it {I don't have enough patience to measure things out}.  I do however have a great tip for hanging them which allows you to move around a little bit to get the distance between them right.

Travel Quote Centerpiece

I used Command Strips {for medium sized frames, although small would work too.}  They basically work like velcro so if you have to move the picture over a little bit there is enough area of "velcro" to still hold the frame to the wall.  

Command Strips To Hang Frame

I worked ten frames around the centerpiece using the Command Strips, placing four above, four below and two on either side.  Now, I wanted to get a picture of me placing one of the frames so I enlisted Mike's help.  While my loving fiance is always helpful he usually likes to mess around.

This was me explaining to him what I wanted him to take a picture of as he just started snapping.

How to take my pictureHow to take my pictureHow to take my picture

Here is the picture I asked for

Placing Frames On the Wall

And this one is because he said it would be better if I looked at the camera and smiled.

Placing Frames On the Wall

P.S. Do you see ALL the light switches on that one wall??? They don't go to ANYTHING! 

I get my pictures {4 x 4} printed at Walgreens, they have an option online for printing them right from your Instagram account or taking any picture you have and turning it into a 4 x 4 picture.

DIY Travel Instagram Wall

There you have it ... another DIY project that was on the docket this weekend.

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